The Other in ME

Bettina John has been working with five Alter Egos since 2012 that help her uncovering a hedonist and narcissist, selfie world where it is as simple to reinvent yourself as pressing a few buttons and ticking a couple of boxes. The consequences can be bigger and effect real life rather than just our virtual avatar. With her Alter Egos she goes so far as to explore those consequences.

The image below shows an installation that went up in 2015 at Stour Space in London as part of a group exhibition (“Save Changes” ) around the subject of online identity. The piece shows several images of and information on the Alter Egos. The centre piece of the “Desktop”, which belongs to her Alter Ego Emilie Louise Schwartz-Flöge is a video with her talking about profile pictures and how to choose the right one. A closer look reveals a little bit more about this Alter Ego. (Click on the image. A zoom sign should appear, click again to zoom into it.)

“The Desktop” shows which social media and online platform the Alter Egos use, ranging from a Facebook page by performance artist Miss Dixie De Rose, a WordPress blog by Cyberhippie and activist Colbee Hawkins_89, a Bandcamp page by Fashionista and producer Belinda Evangelica and a Twitter account by designer Emilie Louise Schwartz-Flöge. In the left corner are the profile pictures they used at the time, which Emilie Louise Schwartz-Flöge discusses as examples in the video. The QR codes brought gallery visitors who used a QR reader with their smart phones right to the Alter Ego’s profile page.

Alter Egos

Alter Ego