The Success Cycle | Performance

The Success cycle is a project with various channels. It was initiated and executed by Belinda Evangelica, one of Bettina John’s five Alter Egos that she has been working with since 2012. The different forms this project takes range from music and performance art to fashion, installation and motivational speech. Belinda Evangelica is all that: a motivational speaker, fashionista, muse, music producer, writer, instagramer and pinterester. Her output is infinite.

This is a performance similar to a cult gathering where audience members become part of the cult of success. Belinda Evangelica has been successfully touring this show throughout Europe.

“The Success Cycle” is made up of three parts without a fixed order. Evangelica’s belief is that success is a cycle of going up , then down and then up again. The three parts talk about the different stages of the cycle: Flying high, Falling (Underground) and getting back on track (The Success Train).

Music: Bettina John and Avon Terra
Camera: Jason Wenn
Make-up: Anna Kompaniets