Automatic painting | Performance | Installation

This series of automatic paintings in oil on canvas were conceived and executed by Bettina John’s Alter Ego Colbee Hawkins_89, a Cyberhippie and activist. They are part of a body of work around new approaches to rituals, meditation and consciousness. Colbee Hawkins_89 has been creating work and writing texts on the subject for a few years and publishes her insights regularly on her WordPress blog.

The Alter Ego appears publicly regularly, conducting mostly collective rituals, which she calls “Grituals” (Ritual+Gravatar, the WordPress term for Avatar). The automatic drawings and paintings are a recurring theme that she has been using in her videos and performances in various ways. One idea is that they are a form of subconscious expression another that they are a form of mediation. They can lead to insights about one’s state of mind and possible hidden thoughts. They can also be a way of calming ones mind, immersing oneself completely in the act of creation and stopping wondering thoughts. The theoretical construct behind this is often referred to as Flow and widely scientifically researched and documented.

This series of paintings all 60x70cm of size will be part of an installation and serve as a stage for live performances during Bettina John’s solo exhibition September 2017 in Halle, Germany.

automatic paintings

automatic paintings automatic paintings automatic paintings automatic paintings