The Presence of His Absence | Installation

This sound piece accompanied by a photo-story is part of the work “The Presence of His Absence” that is loosely built around the heartbreak of Theodosia Fatale, one of Bettina John’s Alter Egos. While the Alter Ego is the narrator in this piece, in other works, like the artist book, she shares the story telling with Bettina John. Theodosia Fatale, a femme fatale and fallen movie star, has made several live appearances, where she talks about her past that seems to elude her, leaving just fragments of anecdotes that are chronologically and historically incoherent.

She is a sad character lost in time and slightly confused about who she is and was. Her fragmented speeches and storytelling might make the audience feel slightly awkward while at the same time being smitten with her charm.

The piece was first shown at Stour Space Gallery in London in 2015 as part of the group exhibition “Save Changes” initiated and curated by Bettina John.

photo-story sound art