Gritual 1.0 | collective ritual | Performance

Below is the documentation of one of several collective rituals conducted by Bettina John’s Alter Egos called Colbee Hawkins_89. A Cyberhippie and activist, this Alter Ego concerns herself with the metaphysical side of life, with rituals and meditation, automatic drawing and painting, with magick and aspects of paganism. This collective ritual is part of a series called Grituals, which has seen several collective rituals take place over the past few years.

This ritual took place in Istanbul at the Polistar Gallery in 2014. Gallery visitors were invited to join in a collective ritual dedicated to the water resources in and around Istanbul, which are more and more subject to privatization. It was part of a group exhibition curated and organised by Turkish artist Serra Tansel and English artist Duval Timothy. This work represents the Alter Ego’s urge to make a change in this world and take actively part in the shaping of life on earth.

Polistar Gallery
Serra Tansel
Duval Timothy